Contemporary Weddıng Dresses Created for Modern BrıdES

Our story

’’ Creating an unforgettable experience and being a contributor of the most special day is an absolute reward. Each and every one of my gowns are individually designed for my brides and considered as work of arts. ’’
Dyla Vardar

Dyla is a contemporary bridal wear brand based in London, focuses on timeless and sophisticated designs with a a conscious of sustainability. All the collections are hand crafted with great fit and absolute precision.

Creating Your Dress

Dyla’s comprehensive service is unique and tailored to every client. She offers a variety of styles from which clients can choose and personalize every element of their dress as they wish.

A calico toile fitting follows once the design has been finalized. This allows the lines of the dress to be defined and perfected before delicate fabrics are cut.

To ensure that the dress is perfect, further the real fabric fittings are conducted prior to the final check fitting.

Throughout the entire production process, patterns, toiles, and final garments are customized to each client’s precise measurements. As a result, a beautifully crafted piece is created that fits their particular brief.

A second Dyla dress can also be created for the bride to wear to an engagement celebration or a wedding after party.

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